For the sake of a song


CD 6, Track 39

TRACK 39 (Mar98-07-s11) Tjinmel [151]

Sung text   Free Translation  
karra mmkarra tjinmel devin rtadi-wunbirri ka-rri-wuwu rtadi ka-ni-yakarra mmaa rtadi-wunbirri tjinmel devinkarra mmkarra tjinmel devin ka-rri wuwu rtadi ka-ni-ya rtadi-wunbirrikarra mmkagandjakarra mmkarra mana kagandja rtadi-wunbirri devin ka-rri wuwu rtadikarra mm  Karra, mmThe solitary seagull kept soaring above Rtadi-wunbirriKarra, mmAbove Rtadi-wunbirri the solitary seagull is soaringKarra, mmThe solitary seagull kept soaring above Rtadi-wunbirriKarra, mmHere! Karra, mmBrother, right here above Rtadi-wunbirri he soars aloneKarra, mm 

Tjinmel (‘Seagull’) has its Dreaming site at a wudi-pumuniny (freshwater spring) in the sea at Yederr in Matige country. Although this song is not strictly a Walakandha wangga, since it was composed by Ambrose Piarlum without spirit assistance, it has been included here because of Piarlum’s close association with the group who sing Walakandha wangga.

Because each vocal section is different—the text formulae are arranged in a different order from one vocal section to another—each is written out in full. The instrumental sections follow the patterns common for Walakandha wangga of the golden age.