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Walakandha No. 5

CD 6, Track 36

TRACK 36 (Mar98-15-s21) Song 23: Walakandha No. 5 [147]

Sung text   Free Translation  
karra walakandha kakap kiminy-vini kuninykurriny-rtadi-warambu-nganan-wurri-yadhenggi-diyerri djanden-niwuuuyakerre ngumali nidin-ngin-a  The Walakandhas keep calling outAs they came towards me from high in the inland country To there, at the Moyle River mouth‘Wuuu!’Oh, Ngumali, my dear country 

In this song, another composed by Philip Mullumbuk, a Walakandha who is standing at Ngumali, the men’s ceremonial ground near the mouth of the Moyle river, watches a group of Walakandha (probably living Marri Tjavin men) coming back from the high inland country to the northwest, calling out ‘wuuu’ as they go.

Song structure summary


Melodic section 1

Text phrase 1

Rhythmic mode 1 (without clapsticks)

karra  walakandha  kakap  kiminy  -vini  kuniny 
SW  walakandha  call out  3AUG.A.R say  UAUG  3AUG.S.R walk 

The Walakandhas keep calling out

kurriny  -rtadi  -warambu  -nganan  -wurri  -ya 
3AUG.S.R go down  back  high inland country  ABL  towards speaker  PERF 

as they came towards me from high in the inland country

dhenggi-diyerri  djanden  -ni 
place name  there  DAT 

to there, at the Moyle River mouth

Melodic section 2

Text phrase 2

Rhythmic mode 1 (without clapsticks)



Melodic section 3

Text phrase 3

Rhythmic mode 1 (without clapsticks)

yakerre  ngumali  nidin  -ngin  -a 
EXCL  place name   country  1MIN.O  PERF 

Oh, Ngumali, my dear country


Rhythmic mode 5*


Rhythmic mode 5b (fast doubled)