For the sake of a song

Yendili No. 4

CD 6, Track 32

TRACK 32 (Eni92-s24) Song 19: Yendili No. 4 [141]

Sung text   Free Translation  
karra yendili yendili ngirrin-nikarra yendili yendili ngirrin-niaa yeri-ngin-a  We all have to walk to YendiliWe all have to walk to YendiliAa, my dear children/descendants! 

Philip Mullumbuk composed this song. While Philip himself regarded this as a discrete song, others argue that it is a version of Maudi Dumoo’s ‘Yendili No. 2’ (track 14), on which it is clearly based (it shares a melody and some text also with Les Kundjil’s ‘Yendili No. 3’ on track 30). This is the first time we hear Philip’s uniquely delicate and flexible style of singing, in a recording made by Michael Enilane at a circumcision ceremony in 1992.

Song structure summary


Melodic sections 1-2

Text phrases 1-2

Rhythmic mode 1 (without clapsticks)

karra  yendili  yendili  ngirrin  -ni 
SW  place name  place name  1AUG.EXCL.IR.go  PURP 

We all have to walk to Yendili

Melodic section 3

Text phrase 3

Rhythmic mode 1 (without clapsticks)

aa   yeri  -ngin  -a 
SW  child/descendant  1MIN.O  PERF 

Aa, my dear children/descendants!


Rhythmic mode 5a (fast even)


Rhythmic mode 5b (fast doubled)