For the sake of a song

Yendili No. 3

CD 6, Track 30

TRACK 30 (Mar98-15-s06) Song 17: Yendili No. 3 [139]

Sung text   Free Translation  
karra yendili yendili karra mana nidin-ngin-akarra yendili yendili karra mana nidin-ngin-aee karra mana nidin-ngin-a  Yendili! Yendili! Brother! My dear country!Yendili! Yendili! Brother! My dear country!Ee brother! My dear country! 

This song was composed by Les Kundjil. While its text follows the AAB structure found in numerous Walakandha wangga songs, it is unusual in a number of ways: it contains no verbs— just exclamations—and the song word karra, which normally begins a text phrase, occurs both initially and in the middle of the text phrase (see further Marett, 2005, p 126). The melody is the same as Maudie Dumoo’s song ‘Yendili No. 2’, which also shares several text elements.

This recording was elicited by Allan Marett at Wadeye on 15 October 1998.

Song structure summary


Melodic sections 1-2

Text phrases 1-2

Rhythmic mode 1 (without clapsticks)

karra  yendili  yendili  karra  mana  nidin  -ngin  -a 
SW  place name  place name  SW  brother  country  1MIN.O  PERF 

Yendili! Yendili! Brother! My dear country!

Melodic section 3

Text phrase 3

Rhythmic mode 1 (without clapsticks)

ee  karra  mana  nidin  -ngin  -a 
eh  SW  brother  country  1MIN.O  PERF 

Ee brother! My dear country!


Rhythmic mode 5a (fast even)


Rhythmic mode 5b (fast doubled)