For the sake of a song

Truwu [Truwu A/B melody]

CD 5, Track 18

TRACK 18 (Eni92-s08) Song 5: Truwu [Truwu A/B melody] [126]

This performance of Truwu, sung by Thomas Kungiung, Les Kundjil and Philip Mullumbuk, was recorded by a local schoolteacher, Michael Enilane, during a circumcision ceremony at Wadeye in 1992. Here ‘Truwu’ is set to the Truwu A/B melody, which takes the notes of the pentatonic Truwu A melody (as sung by Kungiung in track 16) and combines them with those of the pentatonic Truwu B melody (as sung by Kundjil in track 17) so as to produce the heptatonic melody in dorian mode that underlies them both. This version emphasises the commonalities, rather than the distinctions, between inland and coastal Marri Tjavin people.