For the sake of a song

Truwu [Truwu B melody]

CD 5, Track 17

TRACK 17 (Mar99-02-s14) Song 5: Truwu [Truwu B melody] [125]

The text is the same as for track 16, but here ‘Truwu’ is sung to the Truwu B melody. This melody is used by Marri Tjavin people whose country lies inland (such as Les Kundjil, heard here). It is not unusual in Aboriginal music for melodies to represent an association to particular tracts of country and their associated Dreamings. Just as the people who live near the coast are closely related to those who live immediately inland, so too are the melodies. Marett argues that this close relationship is symbolised in the fact that the different pentatonic scales used for Truwu A and Truwu B both derive from a common heptatonic series in the dorian melodic mode (see further Marett, 2005, pp 117-20).

Although strictly speaking this performance by Les Kundjil lies outside the golden age (having been recorded by Allan Marett during a procession at a funeral at Wadeye on 9 July 1999), there can be little doubt that this melody was also performed during earlier times.