For the sake of a song

Rtadi-thawara (Walking on the Mangroves)

CD 2, Track 18

TRACK 18 (Furlan 2002) Song 8: Rtadi-thawara

This version, sung by Jimmy Muluk’s grandson, Kenny Burrenjuck, was performed at a ceremony held to mark two events: the opening of the Belyuen community Bangany wangga archive—a digital sound archive built by Linda Barwick and funded by the Northern Territory Library—and the launch of the CD Rak Badjalarr. Barwick had been playing Jimmy Muluk’s recordings of ‘Rtadi-thawara’ to Burrenjuck prior to the ceremony. He remarked, ‘Oh, I’d forgotten that one.’ Two hours later he performed ‘Rtadi-thawara’ in a version similar to Muluk’s version on track 16, that is the version in rhythmic mode 5c (fast uneven quadruple). Burrenjuck’s performance is, however, substantially faster and he uses slightly different vocables. This performance attests to the power of local digital archives to assist songmen in remembering and retaining old songs.