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Tjinbarambara (Seagull)

TRACK 6 (Mar97-13A-s04) Song 2: Tjinbarambara

Sung text  Free translation 
aa karra tjinbarambara kala-nö dirr  Ah, seagull is closing its beak [going to die] 
nganggu-ga kaya yawa-ndha  Our [seagull] is truly always there 
[inaudible text]  [inaudible text] 

In this version of the song, recorded by Marett in 1997, Colin Worumbu Ferguson sings the version of the text given by Jimmy Muluk to Alice Moyle without significant vocal diminuendo, but he then adds some additional (inaudible) text, which is not transcribed. As in all other recorded versions, rhythmic mode 5c (fast uneven quadruple) is used, but somewhat unusually—since songs in rhythmic mode 5c usually stay in this mode from beginning to end—Ferguson changes to fast even beating (rhythmic mode 5a) for the final instrumental section.

Song structure summary


Melodic section 1

Rhythmic mode 5c (fast uneven quadruple)

Text phrase 1

aa  karra  tjinbarambara  kala  -nö  dirr 
ah  SW  seagull  3MIN.A.R bite  PURP  tooth 

Ah, seagull is closing its beak [going to die]

Text phrase 2

nganggu  -ga  kaya  yawa  -ndha 
1/2PRO  TOP  3MIN.S.R lie  3MIN.ANAPH.DEIC  really 

Our [seagull] is truly always there

Text phrase 3 (text inaudible)


Rhythmic mode 5c (fast uneven quadruple)


Rhythmic mode 5a (fast even)