For the sake of a song

Puliki (Buffalo)

TRACK 2 (Moy68-01-s04) Song 1: Puliki

Around the same time that she recorded Jimmy Muluk’s version, Alice Moyle recorded ‘Puliki’ in an even longer version by Muluk’s contemporary, Billy Mandji (see chapter 6 for discussion of Mandji’s own repertory). Mandji’s version of the ghost language text is slightly different, and the text phrase in Mendhe omits the word alawa (beach). Alawa is in fact redundant to meaning, because a local Mendhe-speaking audience would already know that mari-pinindjela is a beach. The slow even beating used in the first nine vocal sections is said to represent the Buffalo swimming, and the fast beating in the final eight vocal sections his dancing on the beach (see the music analysis section at the end of the chapter for further details).