For the sake of a song

Happy Song No. 3

TRACK 6 (Moy62-27-s10) Song 4: Happy (lerri) song No. 3

Happy (lerri) song No. 3 was recorded by Alice Moyle at Bagot in 1962. [90] Like the preceding happy songs, this performance is fast (in rhythmic mode 5a (fast even beating)) and predominantly in ‘ghost language’ (vocable text), though in vocal section 5, melodic section 1 bears the following text in Emmi: karra ka-me-ngana-yi gidji-djedjet-mandha-ya ‘This [i.e., the vocable text] is what he sang when he gave me this song’. [91] Despite many hours working with native speakers, we have not been able to arrive at a reliable version of the text, so have decided not to include a text transcription here, but can make some statements about the form (see further details in music analysis section).