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CD 7, Track 25

TRACKS 25-27 (Mar99-01-s01_03) Song 11: Na-Pebel

Sung text  Free Translation 
mana na pebel nidin vali-ngin-sjit ngunda(repeated)  Brother, stand up and show me the country at Pebel 

Na-Pebel is a sandbar in the shape of a dilly bag (pebel) near the mouth of Tjindi Creek. In the first two items (tracks 25 and 26), the singer asks his brother—perhaps a Dreaming, since the term ‘brother’ is often used to address Dreamings—to point out Na-pebel to him, as indeed Ngulkur did for me, the first time I visited his country (see photo). In the third item (track 27) the singer asks to be shown the thing that is like Na-pebel. By this he probably means the dilly bag from which the place derives its name and thus underscores the co-referential relationship between place and object. Like ‘Watjen-danggi’ this song has its own individual melody, which is distinct from the two melodies used elsewhere in the Ma-yawa wangga repertory for songs about Dreamings.