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CD 7, Track 22

TRACKS 22-23 (Mar98-14-s17, s18)Song 10: Thalhi-ngatjpirr

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meri ngalvu-kinyil kani nidin na kaddi devin kurzikaddi-gu kirriminggi thalhi ngatjpirr kirriminggi(repeated)   Lots of people like to go to country that is just for usAs for us, we say, only we fish at Thalhi-ngatjpirr 

Thalhi-ngatjpirr is a Fish Dreaming site near Tjindi in the north of Marri Ammu country. Senior Marri Ammu frequently complain about the non-Aboriginal fishermen, both recreational and commercial, who fish there, and this is the interpretation that Ngulkur offered. It should be noted that the wide semantic field of the verb kirrimi leaves the song open to other interpretations with regard to what it is that is done at Thali-ngatjpirr.