For the sake of a song


CD 7, Track 18

TRACK 18 (Mar98-14-s13) Song 8: Ma-vindivindi

Sung text  Free Translation 
karra mana kani-put-puwa kuwayenmura kani-put-puwa kisji kavulhkarra mana kinyi-ni-venggi-tit kanikarra mungarri kapil kinyi-ni-venggi-tit kavulhkarra mana kinyi-ni-venggi-tit kavulhkarra mana kinyi-ni-venggi-tit kavulh  Brother is standing up in number four legOn the headland he is always in number four leg like thisBrother keeps making number four legDeep sleep! He makes himself lie in number four legBrother is making himself lie in number four legBrother is making himself lie in number four leg 

The items on track 18 and 19 describe a Ma-yawa, here referred to simply as ‘Old Man,’ at his Dreaming site above the cliffs at Karri-ngindji in Marri Ammu country (see also song 9, tracks 20-21). He is depicted both standing up and lying down asleep in the posture known as ‘number four leg,’ that is with one leg bent with the foot crossing or against the knee of the straight leg. The Marri Tjavin and the Marri Ammu frequently depict their song-giving ancestors (Walakandha or Ma-yawa) in this position; and there is an association of this posture with the giving and receiving of songs. [162]

The melody is the one used for the majority of songs about Marri Ammu Dreamings, and the fast uneven quadruple rhythmic mode is the most commonly used in the Ma-yawa wangga corpus.