For the sake of a song

Wulumen Kimigimi

TRACKS 4 and 5 (Mar98-14-s03, s04) Song 2: Wulumen Kimi-gimi

Sung text  Free Translation 
wulumen kimi-gimi kavulh-a-gu(repeated)  This is what the Old Man [Ma-yawa] has always done 

This song is an assertion that Marri Ammu ceremonial performance rests upon ancestral precedent. The verb kimi-gimi has a broad semantic field, which in this case embraces all forms of ceremonial activity—singing, dancing, playing the didjeridu. This is what the Ma-yawa ancestors, referred to here as wulumen (Aboriginal English for Old Man), laid down as the foundation of law at the beginning of time.

Various stylistic elements in this song—including the use of a melody that is shared with seven other Ma-yawa wangga songs, the uneven quadruple clapstick pattern, and isorhythm (the repetition of the same text with identical rhythm)—are typical of the Ma-yawa wangga.