For the sake of a song

Bende Ribene

CD 4, Track 28

TRACK 28 (Tre08-01-s08) Song 15: Bende Ribene

Sung text   Free Translation  
bende ribene ribe(repeated)yakerre balhak malvak-maka ka-bindja-ng ka-mi  Bende ribene ribeYakerre! He is singing for brother Malvak 

This recording of a song composed by Lambudju, which he was never recorded singing himself, was made during an elicited session in 2008. In the course of the session Colin Worumbu Ferguson, to whom Marett had given draft CD copies for this and other chapters, filled in gaps in the repertory, giving us previously unrecorded, or rarely recorded, songs. Although we already had a recording of ‘Bende Ribene’ from 1991 (in which Worumbu performed with Les Kundjil), there were problems with the recording. This is a striking example of a consultant intervening in the production of this record of his culture. See the music analysis section for comments on musical features of this performance.

Song structure summary


Melodic section 1

Text phrases 1-4

Rhythmic mode 4a (moderate even)

bende  ribene  ribe 

Bende ribene ribe

Melodic section 2

Text phrase 5

Rhythmic mode 4a (moderate even) (quiet)

yakerre  balhak  malvak  -maka  ka  -bindja  -ng   ka  -mi 
EXCL  brother  person  for  3MIN.S  sing  SIM  3MIN.S  Sit.R 

Yakerre! He is singing for brother Malvak


Rhythmic mode 4a (moderate even)