For the sake of a song

Lima Rak-pe

CD 4, Track 24

TRACK 24 (Moy62-01-s03) Song 13: Lima Rak-pe

Sung text   Free Translation  
Lima rak-pe lima rak-pe(repeated)ya ya ya ya  Lima eternal country! Lima eternal country!ya ya ya ya 

Once again we hear Lambudju singing with Rusty Benmele Moreen, this time in a recording made by Alice Moyle in 1962. Some consultants say that the words of this song have no meaning and are ‘just for song,’ but we have encountered the expression ‘rak-pe’ in too many songs, including a hint of it in ‘Rak Badjalarr’ (see notes to track 1), to take this at face value. It occurs in three of Barrtjap’s songs: ‘Yagarra Nedja Tjine Rak-pe’ (Yagarra! Son, where is my camp/eternal country?) (chapter 4, track 20); ‘Yagarra Rak Tjine Rak-pe’ (Yagarra! Where is my eternal country?) (chapter 4, track 23); and ‘Nyere-nye Bangany-nye’ (chapter 4, track 12), where the second text phrase is lima rak-pe ngadja ngaye (lima my eternal country ngaye). Since in each of these cases rak-pe has been glossed as ‘eternal country,’ we have adopted that translation here.

The minor mode feeling of the melody, together with the early recording date, suggests too that this is an old song that may have been composed by one of Lambudju’s ‘fathers.’

Song structure summary


Melodic section 1

Text phrases 1-4

Rhythmic mode 4a (moderate even)

lima  rak  -pe  lima  rak  -pe 
SW  country  forever  SW  country  forever 

Lima eternal country! Lima eternal country!

Text phrase 5

Rhythmic mode 4a (moderate even)

ya  ya  ya  ya 

ya ya, ya ya


Rhythmic mode 4a (moderate even)