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CD 4, Track 14

TRACK 14 (Mar86-04-s06) Song 6: Winmedje

Sung text   Free Translation  
winmedje ngan-dji nyene nga-mi mmaa ee ü  I am sitting eating oystersaa, ee, ü 

The Batjamalh words of text phrase 1 also appear as the final text phrase of ‘Rak Badjalarr’ (tracks 1-6). As explained in the notes to track 1, the reference to oysters links Lambudju’s ancestral country on North Peron Island to his adoptive country at Belyuen on the Cox Peninsula. In ‘Rak Badjalarr,’ a song-giving ghost is sitting on North Peron Island eating the oysters provided by that country; in dreaming ‘Winmedje’, Lambudju dreamt of his ‘daughter’ Audrey Lippo eating oysters at Two Fella Creek near Belyuen (in later discussions with our consultants, the composition was attributed to Lippo herself). In Songs, dreamings and ghosts, Marett explains in more detail how the two songs, ‘Rak Badjalarr’ and ‘Winmedje’ are related melodically, textually and in the details of their composition (2005, pp 186-87).

Song structure summary


Melodic section 1

Text phrase 1

Rhythmic mode 5c (fast uneven quadruple)

winmedje  ngan  -dji  nyene  nga  -mi  mm 
oyster  1MIN.A/3AUG.O   eat  1MIN.S  sit  SW 

I am sitting eating oysters

Melodic section 2

Text phrase 2

Rhythmic mode 5c (fast uneven quadruple)

aa  ee  ü  

aa, ee, ü


Rhythmic mode 5c (fast uneven quadruple)