For the sake of a song

Rak Badjalarr

TRACK 5 (Mar97-13-s13) Song 1: Rak Badjalarr

Following Lambudju’s death in 1993, Colin Worumbu Ferguson took over singing his songs. Although Worumbu is from another language group (Marri Tjavin), his family has lived in Belyuen for many years. Worumbu divides his time between Belyuen and his wife’s country near Wadeye. [97]

This performance of Rak Badjalarr shows the influence of both Lambudju and Benmele (see further discussion in music analysis section). This performance, recorded by Marett on the beach one night at Mandorah, was so powerful that it called into our presence the ghost of Lambudju himself (see further Marett, 2005, p 191). The ritual call (malh) that can be heard at the end of the track is an indicator of the spiritual power of this performance.