For the sake of a song

Rak Badjalarr

TRACK 3 (Wes61-s15) Song 1: Rak Badjalarr

Sung text   Free Translation  
rak badjalarr-maka bangany [-nyung]ii winmedje ngan-dji-nyene  [I am singing] [for the sake of] a song for my ancestral country, North Peron IslandI am [sitting] eating oysters 

This performance was recorded by the linguist LaMont West at Beswick Creek (now Barunga) in 1961, that is, a year before the performance on track 2. The singer is Lawrence Wurrpen, a man from Delissaville (Belyuen) who had moved to Beswick Creek, where his wife’s family lived. Wurrpen apparently brought with him various Belyuen repertories: in chapter 4 (track 17), Wurrpen can also be heard singing a song by Tommy Barrtjap. Other performances by Wurrpen are discussed in Marett, 2005, pp 212-16. See further details of Wurrpen’s performance in the music analysis section of this chapter.