For the sake of a song

Rak Badjalarr

TRACK 2 (Moy62-01-s01) Song 1: Rak Badjalarr

Sung text   Free Translation  
rak badjalarr bangany nye-bindja-ng(repeated)ii winmedje ngan-dji-nyene  You sing a song for my ancestral country, North Peron IslandI am [sitting] eating oysters 

This is our earliest recording of ‘Rak Badjalarr,’ recorded by Alice Moyle in 1962. Although the quality of the recording is less than ideal owing to its having been originally recorded at a very low level, it has been included here because it gives us a chance to hear Bobby Lane singing while he was still a young man of about twenty.

There are a number of textual and musical differences between this version and the 1986 version on track 1 (see discussion below in the music analysis section of the chapter).

Song structure summary


Melodic section 1

Text phrases 1-5

Rhythmic mode 5a (fast even)

rak  badjalarr  bangany  nye  -bindja  -ng 
father’s country  place name  song  2MIN.S.IR  sing  SIM 

You sing a song for my ancestral country, North Peron Island

Melodic section 2

Text phrase 6

Rhythmic mode 5a (fast even)

ii  winmedje  ngan  -dji  -nyene 
SW  oyster  1MIN.A/3AUG.O   eat 

I am [sitting] eating oysters

INSTRUMENTAL SECTIONS 1-2 [Various vocables are sung during these sections]

Rhythmic mode 5a (fast even)