For the sake of a song

Naya Rradja Bangany Nye-ve

CD 1, Track 19

TRACK 19 (Mar97-04-s03) Song 13: Naya Rradja Bangany Nye-ve

Sung text  Free translation 
naya rradja bangany nye-ve  Naya rradja. You go for a song 
mayave rradja bangany nye-ve  Mayave rradja. You go for a song 
(three times) 
yagarra bangany nye-ve  Yagarra! You go for a song 
[yenene] didjeremu  [Yenene] didjeremu 
limarenye limarenye  Limarenye limarenye 
limarenye limarenye  Limarenye limarenye 
ii  Ii 

This lively performance by Barrtjap’s son, Kenny Burrenjuck, follows the precedent set by Barrtjap. The performance begins with a ritual call (malh) followed by exhortations in both Batjamalh and English for the audience to clap along. With the exception of the exclamation ‘yagarra!’ in place of the vocable ‘yene’ to start text phrase 4, the text and melody are close to identical to Barrtjap’s version, as is the sequence of clapstick beating patterns (fast doubled beating (rhythmic mode 5b) in vocal section 1, and fast uneven beating (rhythmic mode 5c) for the later vocal sections). Note that this is not the version transcribed in Marett, 2005, pp 178-9, which Marett recorded on another occasion in the same year (Mar97-07-s09).