For the sake of a song

Naya Rradja Bangany Nye-ve

CD 1, Track 17

TRACK 17 (Mad64-02-s15) [65] Song 13: Naya Rradja Bangany Nye-ve

Sung text  Free translation 
naya rradja bangany nye-ve  Naya rradja. You go for a song 
mayave rradja bangany nye-ve  Mayave rradja. You go for a song 
(three times) 
yene bangany nye-ve  Yene. You go for a song 
yenene bangany nye-ve  Yenene. You go for a song 
bangany nye-ve limarenye  You go for a song. Limarenye 
bangany nye-ve limara  You go for a song. Limara 
ii  Ii 

Lawrence Wurrpen was a man from Delissaville (present-day Belyuen) who moved to Beswick Creek (present-day Barunga) after he married a woman from there. He was recorded at Beswick Creek by Kenneth Maddock in 1964. Like Bandak, he only uses rhythmic mode 5c (fast uneven quadruple) but note that his tempo is a significantly slower than the other performances, with clapsticks at 126 beats per minute (as opposed to approximately 135 beats per minute). The melody in melodic section 1 is almost identical to that of Bandak, but he uses a significantly different, longer, contour for melodic section 2. Although the exact syllables pronounced are difficult to hear in this recording, text phrases 4 and 5 differ from Bandak’s performance, and the didjeridu mouth-sounds in the coda are also a little different. Overall, however, the two performances are very similar, despite Wurrpen living in a relatively distant community.