For the sake of a song


Abbreviations in morpheme-by-morpheme glosses to song-texts

Each of the following abbreviations represents a morpheme (chunk of meaning). The morpheme-by-morpheme glosses consist of ordered strings of morphemes, each separated by a period; some morphemes are bundles of more than one chunk of meaning. For definition of terms, see chapter3.

Ø Zero 
First person 
1/2 First person inclusive of addressee 
Second person 
Third person 
AUG Augmented 
Agent of transitive verb 
ABL Ablative case marker 
ADVERS Adversative 
ANAPH Anaphoric 
BEN Benefactive 
CAUS Causative 
CONT Continuant 
DAT Dative 
DEIC Deictic 
DTOP Different topic 
EXCL Exclusive of addressee 
FUL Full of 
INC Inclusive of addressee 
IO Indirect Object 
IR Irrealis 
LOC Locative 
MIN Minimal 
NEG Negator 
NC Noun Classifier 
Direct Object 
PERF Perfective 
POSS Possessive 
PRES Present Tense 
PRO Pronoun 
PURP Purposive 
REDUP Reduplicated 
REFL Reflexive 
Subject of intransitive verb 
S/A Form is identical for Subject or Agent 
SIM Simultaneous 
SW Songword 
TOP Topic 
UAUG Augmented by one